One Million Parents

Date: Today


66 Million Parents Strong Avenue

United States of America & Beyond


Dear 66 Million Parents,

There are 66 million of you parents in the U.S.! Collectively with the use of social media you can transform and revolutionize the American Education System. We have known for decades that students need an improved teaching and learning model and yet we continue with nearly the same model used in the early 1900’s!

I have been watching, learning and implementing the flipped classroom model for several years now. The flipped model concept is simple, however its’ impact is huge. The objective of the lesson becomes the homework and the actual homework is completed in class with the expertise of the content area teacher! No more late nights for students and parents struggling to complete the work.

Please join me in a grassroots effort to improve the teaching and learning model for all kids across America and beyond! Tour de’ Flip for now is an imaginary race across the U.S. to transform and support the flipped teaching and learning model. If enough parents believe we must address our education system in a meaningful way, then we must have a call to action!

Today you have an opportunity to collectively use your voices to make a difference! With your help we can assemble the most effective flippers in the world to travel across the country to train tens of thousands of teachers this engaging and effective teaching and learning model.

The Flip My Kid(s) children’s book fully explains the model. Please take the time to look around this website and if you like what you see and hear please use your social media power by tweeting, texting, hash tagging, emailing, and Facebook this site to everyone you know and spread the word! Consider joining the Tour de’ Flip race team today and help change the world for all children!  

For Better Education Tomorrow!

Patrick M. Twomey